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The Flourish Project

The ‘Flourish Project’ is a Proton Foundation program and is created as a vehicle to build relationship with educational institutions, with the intention that through positive connections, networks and influence, change will take place in the wider community.

We love to work in partnership!

The idea of the ‘Flourish project’ is to partner with primary and secondary schools within Hinckley, Bedworth and Nuneaton Boroughs. The program focuses on how young people view themselves, helping to give them tools and techniques to equip themselves to change mind-sets, engrained beliefs and challenge behaviours which in turn helps their mental wellbeing.

What does it involve?

The project addresses areas such as: Beliefs, Self-worth, Dignity, Respect, Social media, Aspirations and Goal setting. The 8 week programme would hope to see a generational change where each person is given the opportunity to Flourish into who they have been made to be and reach their full potential.

Who are Proton Foundation and what do they do?

Proton exist to create sustainable community transformation and to alleviate social, economic, intellectual and spiritual poverty. This is actioned through community-based social action projects, education and collaboration. For more information go to our website:


We are excited to be currently working alongside Battling Brook school in Hinckley, where we have the opportunity to run both our Flourish programme for the girls and Rooted programme for the boys with the whole of Year 6. In October we will be starting 3 new cohorts of girl groups at Redmoor Academy too.

8 week program

We offer an 8 week programme consisting of the following modules:

For girls the programme is called ‘Flourish’ for boys the programme is ‘Rooted’.


Introduce the 8 week programme, lets get to know each other a little and individual learning outcomes to be set.

My Beliefs

Our values and environment form what we believe in life and about ourselves. Where do our beliefs come from, are they all true?


To look at how our mind processes information and how we can form new thinking habits.

Social Media

Examine our culture and explore how social media can influence it. How do we challenge society’s view on this?

Self Worth

What is self-confidence and how can I increase my own? 


Aspirations, anything is possible, DARE to believe that you can flourish into someone great!


How do we move forward with what we have learnt and apply it to our future? Goal setting is a great tool that can be applied to any area of life.


Evaluate what you have learnt over the past 7 weeks. Has it changed you to be more of the real you?

Find Out More

Are you a teacher, pupil or parent who is interested in having The Flourish Project in your school, or are just interested in finding out more.

Interested in being involved?

We are looking for mentors that can be placed into a school setting to work alongside the young people. Thinking of becoming a mentor – some of our key criteria involves having a heart for young people, good listening skills, engaging quickly and on their level, empathy, ‘can do’ attitude and solution focused.

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