May 19, 2017

Meet Gem….

So I make up this crazy trio that are working together on Flourish. My day job is designing warehouses which is a world away from working with young people however it’s a male dominated industry and I have had to learn to stand up for myself and believe in what I can do. I love the fact that Flourish is telling young people to believe in themselves and that they too can be all they want to be.

When Hannah first described to me the vision of Flourish I knew I wanted to be involved. Her passion for working with young people and helping them to believe in themselves was contagious. It’s not hard to see the need for Flourish in our schools. Its scary the stories you hear of what teenage girls will do for affirmation or ‘love’. The ideas promoted by a lot of celebs and glossy magazines suggest life is about fake beauty and fake relationships. As long as something looks good on the outside it doesn’t matter how you really feel on the inside or how someone is actually treating you. The Flourish project offers young people a chance to find out who they are and believe in that person.

My most important role in life is being a mum to my beautiful boys and wanting them to believe in themselves drives me to advocate Flourish. I hope when they are teenagers there will be something like Flourish in their school if they need it to inspire them to think BIG with their lives. The start we all get in life is really important and Flourish has already seen the impact it can have on girls at critical points in their lives. I am really excited for the future Flourish has and the future it will help shape in all the young people it works with.