September 3, 2017

Meet Hannah

Hi my name is Hannah, I have 3 beautiful but totally different kids they are Rosie age 15, Harry age 11 and Esther age 4. I’m married to Jay and we have been married for nearly 18 years. I married young I was 19 years old! If someone asked me would I get married again to Jay? “Absolutely”! If they asked, would I get married at that age again? “Absolutely not!” When you are young and life is an adventure you think “what the heck, let’s do this!” 

Sometimes I wish I had listened more to the right voices rather than letting the loudest voice in my life be heard. In today’s society, I totally believe that in order to have a fulfilled life it really does come down to the voices you let speak into your life and the decisions you then choose to make. Someone once gave me some AWESOME but yet really simple advice, I wish someone had given it to me 25 years earlier when I was growing up as a teenage girl. So many times in my life I just followed the crowd, I let others tell me what to do, how to think, behave and dress.

As I teenager I did it all and assumed in order to fit in with the crowd I had to do it! I did not feel empowered enough to make decisions so I let others decide for me. The advice was this “Decide before you have to decide!” – WOW that’s it, it’s that simple. Make the decision way before the time comes to having to decide. When we put ourselves in situations where we are feeling pressured from our peers, we can end up making bad choices that goes totally against ‘who you are’ as a person and can leave you feeling not too hot about yourself! Another simple tip is who are you letting speak into your life? The people that I let speak into my life were not the best voices to listen to. They were what I would today call “Toxic relationships”. I thought they had my back and that they wanted the best for me – but they just wanted the best for themselves and didn’t really care who they hurt to make themselves feel and look good!

Now I’m older and a little wiser, I realise that they were just as INSECURE as I was. The ugly “comparison monster” had its grip on them just as it had on me! When I look back I wish I had someone that I could speak to, someone that would listen and love me no matter what. Now please hear me right on this and don’t get me wrong, I have great parents. However when you are making not-so-great choices for yourself and have been in some sticky situations – my parents were the very last people I went to – if they really knew what I was like – I’d be grounded for life! Ha ha!

My passion and heart is for young people to have a place where they can be themselves, empowered to make the right decisions and challenged to have the right voices in their life. This is why the Flourish project has been set up through Proton Foundation, it is a tool to engage with young people in small groups and to challenge them to dream and to aspire! To also challenge, how they ‘think’ about themselves and to assist them in having the right people inputting into their lives, to see these brilliant young people achieve their full potential!

In order to see this achieved the project is looking to introduce volunteer mentors who can commit themselves to listening and guiding young people in making healthy lifestyle choices. Being someone who does not judge, but listens and most importantly loves them! If I had had someone as a voice in my life to help me, I think I would have had the strength and courage to make better choices cutting out a lot of the rubbish! Do not get me wrong, mistakes can be great if we learn and grow from them. But when we make decisions that affect the absolute ‘CORE’ of who we are, based on the lies that society is speaking over us, that’s when enough is ENOUGH!

Where we have to stand tall and say;

“I’ve already decided who I am and this is what I’m sticking too!”

If you want to know some more information about Flourish you can get in touch with me on my email: