Our Modules are tailored to explore all aspects of self worth and self esteem over a period of eight weeks. 

The Flourish Project

We have developed an 8 week program that runs in Junior and Secondary schools to help young people discover the ‘real me’ in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Week 1

Introduction of the course and it’s contents – by setting the scene to create a safe environment and through  encouraging vulnerability. During this first session evaluation forms will be completed.

Learning outcomes: 

1.To understand the expectations of the course.

2. To build relationship.

Week 2

Beliefs – Challenging what we believe about ourselves and discovering where we get our beliefs and values from.         

Learning outcomes:    

1. What beliefs are and how they are formed.

2. How our beliefs can affect us.

Week 3

Mindset – The mind is powerful – how we think effects how we behave. Looking at perceptions and how we perceive each other and ourselves.     

Learning outcomes:     

1. How we process information effects the way we behave.

2. The power of words and how they can effect us.

Week 4

Social Media – Looking at all forms of social media- snapchat, instagram, musically, fb, etc.          

Learning outcomes;    

1. How the media manipulate images.

2. How to stay safe on social media and assessing the risks.

Week 5

Self Confidence – this area can affect every part of our daily lives from socialising with friends, to what we are achieving in school and the choices that we make.   

Learning outcomes:        

1. Useful techniques to develop positive self-talk.

2. Identify 5 good things about themselves.

Week 6

Dreams – Having dreams and aspirations help us focus and make good decisions now.  

Learning outcomes:        

1. Understand what a dream/aspiration is.

2.  Understand that by having a healthy mindset, good belief system and a positive self esteem helps us to achieve our dreams.

Week 7

Goals – Research has shown that those who write down their goals achieve far more in much less time!              

Learning outcomes:        

1. Understand what a goal is.

2. Have 3 written goals  for the next year.

Week 8

Celebrate – On the last session we  look to affirming each person in what they have achieved over the past 7 weeks and hand out medals and certificates.            

Learning outcomes:        

1.Review individual learning outcomes.

2. Review areas of success/ areas for improvement.

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